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Our all-in-one sourcing solution helps you find the best packaging suppliers and prices according to your specific needs. Benefit from our 100% independent expert consulting and transition to your new packaging faster than ever.
Guaranteed time & cost savings

Receive the best offers & reduce your packaging expenses by 16% on average.

Smart matching engine

Identify the best supplier for your packaging, based on our in-depth database of production capabilities.

#1 network of global suppliers

Increase transparency and find 6x more relevant suppliers for your packaging needs.

Independent expert assistance

Receive consulting & technical specification support from our team of expert packaging engineers.

4 easy steps to your optimal packaging sourcing

Improve your packaging procurement within 2-4 weeks — it only takes 60 minutes of your time

1. Kickoff Call

Schedule a demo or submit your request today

Get started by scheduling a 30-minute kick-off call with our expert team to understand your specific needs.

We help you consolidate and send over the necessary specification data and get started on your request right away.
2. Supplier Matching

We analyze your packaging and find the right suppliers

Our experts engage in specification screening, pre-pricing analysis and smart supplier matching based on our proprietary database.

We match your needs with our supplier network, applying best practices from over 400 projects.
in 1-2 weeks
in 2-4 weeks
3. Results Presentation

Receive the best offers for your packaging

Join us for a non-binding presentation of results, including a detailed comparative analysis of the different options regarding pricing, sustainability and other factors.

You decide with which option to proceed, and we align on the next steps.
4. Implementation

Realize the identified potential

Let our technology enabled experts guide you to make use of your ideal supplier setup in record time, based on our proven processes from >130 implementation projects.

(Re-)Order efficiently through Packmatic as a reliable, Germany-based contract partner and utilize our price-monitoring to guarantee competitive prices at all times.
in 1-4 months
#1 Europe-wide supplier network

Get the best offers from leading packaging suppliers

  • 60x more qualified suppliers than typical SME
  • Save >70% of time for supplier search and matching
  • 150+ flexible packaging suppliers, including:
  • 50+ paper-based packaging suppliers, including:
Quality, cost savings and sustainability

Learn how some of our 200+ customers benefit from using Packmatic

Testimonial Image

Die Umsetzung unserer Zwei-Lieferanten-Strategie ist ein wichtiger Baustein für den Erhalt der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit unserer Marke mit LEH-Positionierung. Mit Packmatics Lieferantennetzwerk und der professionellen Implementierung haben wir schnell und unkompliziert ein starkes Netzwerk an Alternativlieferanten aufgebaut.

Eric Mudrich

Lieferantenmanager, Erdbär (Freche Freunde)
Testimonial Image

Als E-Commerce Anbieter mit hohem Liefervolumen spielen Verpackungskosten für uns eine große Rolle. Dank eines Lieferantenwechsels durch Packmatic konnten wir nachhaltige Einsparungen erzielen.

Moritz Morlock

Leiter Logistik, Asphaltgold
Testimonial Image

Kennengelernt haben wir Packmatic im Zuge eines Kosteneinsparungs-Projekts. In der weiteren Zusammenarbeit hat Packmatic uns in der Entwicklung eines neuen Verpackungsformats professionell unterstützt. Dank  „Smart Matching“ und des großen Lieferantennetzwerks konnten wir zügig mit der Umsetzung starten.

Claudia Strasda

Leitung Einkauf, Lebensbaum
Testimonial Image

Thanks to Packmatic, we realized significant cost savings within a very short time without compromising quality. The Packmatic team managed the qualification process across all materials & suppliers professionally and quickly — without any noticeable time expenditure on our side.

Holger Braun

Managing Director, Ergüllü GmbH
Testimonial Image

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of decorative residential and outdoor lighting, the efficient supply of our international subsidiaries plays an important role, along with optimal cost-benefit calculations. By working with Packmatic, we were able to achieve significant improvements and process optimization in both areas.

Dagmar Pogatschnig

Buyer, EGLO
Testimonial Image

The comprehensive supplier network has particularly impressed us in our collaboration with Packmatic. This enabled us to efficiently check the majority of our packaging range for optimization potential.

Simone Meyer

Packaging purchasing, Pickerd
Testimonial Image

Thanks to Packmatic's large, integrated partner network spread across Europe, we received excellent offers from pre-qualified suppliers within a very short time.

Ingo Pilz

Purchasing Director, Paul Reber
Testimonial Image

Packmatic helped us find cheaper suppliers close to us that met our needs. The packaging team answered our questions quickly and always worked reliably. We're super happy with the savings and results.

Stefanie Itzen

Head of Product Management, Paper & Tea
Testimonial Image

Packmatic enabled us to switch to mono material and full print, boosting our recyclability, brand image, and even saving costs. We are impressed with their dedication and how quickly they deliver results.

Marie-Louise Völkel

Head of Business Development, Blue Farm
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  • Best practices from 400+ projects
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